One of the things I’ve noticed is that when you become a logical person, you tend to go numb over certain things, because you choose to be objective rather than subjective. That even if you know it hurts a lot or is offensive to you, still, you just do what is proper and mature: ignoring it.

It’s funny how these logical people are so smart, but are abused with certain aspects, because of their choice of ignorance to those things that touches the heart in a negative way.

But do you know why they choose to ignore it? It’s because love is a very subjective type of thing. We become stupid when we fall in love. As much as we want our head to rule over the heart, it doesn’t always happen like that. Why? Because we love.

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be in love at all. But here I am, finding myself loving someone else. I know I may not be that subjective, but it’s nice to be objective once in a while. In terms of falling in love, at least.

We take so much pride of what we have, when in reality nothing is even ours. It isn’t ours in the sense that nothing is permanent in this world and in the latter, everything will just vanish like the gray on the windowsill. All but fragments of before’s and what ifs and maybes and what not’s.

I’m stating the obvious here, aren’t I? Am I still making sense?

To be honest, I am hard and arrogant
My flaws are hidden by my appearance;
I am disgusting and more often than not, cruel

I ignore those that exist around me
For I’ve grown bitter and unloving

And everything in between —
All the things you see
Are plainly just a disguise
Of the person you’ll never truly know

Are We Forever

Lover’s laughter cast against the rhythm
of contented hearts and breathless sighs 
I see eternity dancing through the sparks    
in your lovely translucent turquoise eyes

Love always arrived with pretty promises
though never did one of them come true
but here in the silence holding you close
I see I’ve finally found love’s truth in you

Kissing lips that whisper are we forever
speechlessly trembling I can only smile
then I stammer yes if you have the time
because forever might well take a while

Life lately; 7/2014

Day offs with him.

To Sleep

sadness still flows into my dreams

like the blood in my veins
and the water through streams
of consciousness and doubt
my beating heart runs deeper than the sea
which regurgitated me into the palms of fate
and left me to be


love (word sent by kissyloves​) // One Word, One Poem # 1

Thank you for the lovely poem. :)


love (word sent by kissyloves) // One Word, One Poem # 1

Thank you for the lovely poem. :)

Next To Me
Sleeping At Last

If time is money, then I’ll spend it all for you.

Truth be told, I didn’t expect this day to be a great one. I already had a “routine” in my head with the things I have to do: wake up, shower, prep up, leave for work, do work, come home, repeat. It has been like that for almost a month now, but today is different.

Since this is my first job ever, this is also the first time that I got commendations for my work, and I am actually the first one in our team to have this. I used to wonder how getting a commendation would feel; some told me that it’s so inexplicable, like the way you feel when you receive an award, or maybe when someone applauds your artwork or something. The experience was so humbling, I had no words for it. I felt my cheeks slowly turn pink from all the smiling. Everything I had worked for is slowly bearing its fruit. I hope things go well in the following days, though.

So earlier after shift, my friends and I found out about the promo with Krispy Kreme (lol at shameless plugging), and we decided to grab one since it was only 77php for a dozen of donuts. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t be up for that, right? We were pretty lucky since we were part of those who were able to get through the first line, so yay!

With this, I also decided to celebrate with these donuts, although I realized that they’re too many since I’m the only one here in my dorm and I got Ben a box, too, so… yeah. What to do with the other box? Lol. 

Anyway, I’ll be getting some sleep now. It’s almost forty-eight hours since I haven’t had any shut eye. This day has been really good, though, but for now, I’d have to rest. Good night from me and good afternoon to you.