It’s been a while.


They say you win some,
You lose some, but this headache
Never goes away. 


1. Cut your hair every now and then. Fresh starts are always nicer than you think. Who needs split ends anyways.

2. Pick a song you really like. Listen to that song a lot. And I mean a lot. Dance around your room naked to that song, beat the song lifeless till it annoys the hell out of you. Then pick a new song and go through the same process. We all need to really hear music, we need to understand what the song we are listening to is really about.

3. Paint your toes black, make it as perfect as possible. Then, scratch it off. Remember nothing is permanent.

4. Go on a run with your dog. Try to race him and beat him. Realize you can out run many things. Then go back and pet your dog, realize that some things you need to go back for.

5. Decorate a plain backpack. Glue on sparkles, glitter, diamonds, newspaper and magazine clippings, lace & ribbon, anything else that may fancy you. Remember, you don’t have to be the same person you were a minute ago.

6. Buy some pretty lights and string them up in your room. Turn off all the lights except for one when you go to bed. Remember it isn’t always dark and lonely. Change your perspective.

7. Lay outside one night. Breathe in breathe out. Accept that you are only one person and cannot do everything at one time. You can take your time. The creator of the stars you’re looking up at did not do it all in one day. Pace yourself.

8. Get up every morning and stand in front of the mirror. Naked, fully clothed, backwards, upside down, who cares how, just do it. Observe yourself. Notice the wrinkles under your eyes from laughing a lot. Count your freckles. Admire your ass. Then name 3 things you love about yourself. You need to love yourself.

Tips from Blossite on how to be okay with yourself. 

I die in the arms
of your loving heart
waiting for my turn
to finally breathe my last

And in desire to
see your face
i force my eyes to
catch your taste

Just before I lose the
sight of you

with one last stare
I drown in you

You are the first
the last and
my one and only

Til death, mon amor.
You shall hold my heart,
you, my one and only.

"Au revior! Au revior! Mon amor, au revior!"

"Poetry is
the music of a poets mind
where words replace the notes"

Michael Creese, Landscape (2014), oil on canvas.

Michael Creese — one of my favourite artists ever.

Michael Creese, Landscape (2014), oil on canvas.

Michael Creese — one of my favourite artists ever.

Maybe this is the reason I suddenly stopped writing — not because of pain or even my muse that’s starting to crumble, but because I feel like I’m giving too much of myself to the world that doesn’t deserve to know the details.

But how can I stop when it is the only thing that keeps me sane when I head to my palace of darkness? I fill those walls of ash and gray with useless writings and meaningless musings and…

never mind.


It hurts to pick up the pen, it hurts to go near the keyboard.

Yet looking at an empty notebook page hurts more; it hurts more not to write

maxwelldpoetry; The Heartbroken Poet

Soon, if not now, you’ll look back at the days you were in clubs and bars looking or finding someone to talk to, to flirt with or maybe even score. Those are just temporary bliss, and your hangover will even stay longer than that. It is a memory that will slowly fade, for our brain is programmed to do that to make room for new memories, but the moment you do become happy, I promise you, you’ll know exactly how I’m feeling right now.

Nobody knows the true and exact meaning of happiness, but one thing’s for sure: it can only be felt by the heart.