August 19th/ 2:21 am

Silence is filling the room as my thoughts start to wander in a defining state. I can’t help but think about all the things that’s happening as I type all these thoughts on this computer.

To those who personally know me, one of the words that I think they would describe me is talkative. But at this point, I’d rather let my thoughts do the talking, but maybe only to an extent — it’s getting unbearable with the sound of their screaming.

The sad part here is words will never be enough to let them out.

Untitled Poem No. 2

It sickens me
when I try to grab a pen and  paper
and scribble my thoughts like before.

How free I was then
before you walked in my life.
But I have to admit,
it was pain that made me function
with my ill-writing poetry —

and sappy love stories —

and mushy thoughts.

It was pain that kept me going,
it was the fuel that I needed;
the creative juices;

the discharge that my mind needed;
the food for my muse, the air for her lungs
her life —

it was everything.

All that changed on the day I met you.
Sad songs didn’t seem to bother me anymore,
although I’ve always had a liking for that.

Love songs suddenly meant a lot,
and with every thought,
every action,
every word,

all I thought about was you.

Your arms slowly caging in to me
to wrap this ill-framed physique;
lips slowly coming in like the zoom
of a camera on a wonderful film.

Just like that, metaphors, similes
and everything else in between crumbled
the same way my poems and proses did.

Because all those metaphors and similes and
everything else in between
suddenly came to life —

and it was you.

I’m in awe of your power over me
and frustrated with what you did,
for how can you be the lowest of my writing,
when you’re the best thing that happened to me?

A message from djelevatedpoet
Hi! Great blog My question is: What motivates/inspires your writing? What makes poetry such a beautiful art? What is it about writing that you love?

Hi, good evening! Thanks for the questions, but sorry for the late response, been terribly busy. Anyway:

1. What motivates/inspires your writing?

Basically it’s the happenings in my life, both awful and good ones. I see an “inspiration” if you may, to write something out of the things with life’s situations.

 2. What makes poetry such a beautiful art?

Poetry is like art: it doesn’t have to rhyme, it just needs to makes you feel something.

3. What is it about writing that you love?

There are actually a lot of things to love about writing, but the best part about it for me is you can express yourself and just be in your own skin. No need to impress anyone or what not — just write to your heart’s desire.

See? Dreams do come true. ♥

See? Dreams do come true. ♥

Love isn’t a Friday night type of affair
or even a Saturday morning with someone
in your bed.

Love is like a Sunday morning
with the light gently hitting your eyes
on a hectic Monday.

We Prayed For Rain But All We Got Was This T-Shirt

love is a suicide 
addressed to nobody
in particular

a death
with no mourners

in life there is no
cutting corners

only a reoccurring dream
with a tired & uninspired theme


there are days when

her arms turn black,
like the color of the grim reaper’s hood,
and her stomach turns white,
like the color of her great-grandfather’s hair

and maybe it’s because

there are parts of her that
will always be tainted and bruised;
regardless of how much her mother scrubs at her murky skin,
the night has seeped far too deep into her bloodstream.

and maybe it’s because
her heart can no longer contain such innocence

that it simply bursts and stains her stomach,
like spaghetti sauce on a pink blouse—
or maybe because she has learned to feel nothing
that she’s turned into the hue of blankness


[ PANDA ; kissyloves ; One Word, One Poem # 4 ]

Thank you for yet another lovely poem, pennilesspoet! <3

Before Sunrise (1995)

As much as I would love to update this blog, I’d have to admit that work and other responsibilities has been eating up my time. I actually miss staying on Tumblr and just derping around and checking out tags and liking posts and talking to my friends here, too, but then again, life’s happening and you’ve got to try, if not to have the same speed of it.

Despite my subtle inactiveness, I’ll still try to update this blog every once in a while or if there’s creative juice in me, maybe post some fancy shmancy writing or whatevs. I find blogging as a breather for me; my downtime for the busy schedule that I have. And I’m sure by that time I’ll have a lot more stories to tell and pictures to share with you guys, too.

And to my new and old followers here, thank you very much for sticking through thick and thin. It means a lot, believe me. :) I do hope you guys still stay, updates will be coming soon with this blog.

Love and kisses,