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The gifts that B and I exchanged today. Since I just got back from Tacloban, and I’ve been talking about The Phantom of the Opera non-stop, he got me the book. T’was originally written by Gaston Leroux, which was first written in French and was then translated to English. For B, I got him this Astronaut tumbler. He once told me that as a child, he never dreamt of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or some shit like that. Instead, he wanted to be an astronaut, and when I saw this, he was the first thing that popped in my head and knew that it was perfect. It has a straw, just not included in the picture.

But in other news, damn it sure is nice to be back in the city.

Manila to Tacloban; Tacloban to Manila for my grandmother’s second death anniversary.

saan ilalagay ate yung +8:00?

No, you’ll go to the settings of Tumblr mismo, not your blog, tapos nasa dulo siya. ‘Yung Timezone, then change it to +8:00.

Hello. Pano niyo po naayos yung date sa theme? Iba po kasing date ang nalabas pag nagpopost ako. Thank you po. :)

Go to settings and change the timezone. We’re on +8:00.

10 April 2014
9 April 2014

It’s stupid when you think about internet fights because come to think of it, they’re just a bunch of kids typing on their keyboards.

8 April 2014

It’s quarter to twelve as I’m typing this and the day has only started for me, yet I already want it to end. A lot has happened from last night. From laughs, conversations, team-work with friends and a shower of emotions and news that I have confirmed to myself. It’s like the clock was ticking too fast, even if we know that it’s really slow that we didn’t even notice it passing us by. I guess time really does fly, but then again, we always realize that as each day passes by.

Today, I actually do not know what to expect. On normal days, at least during this vacation, I already have an agenda on what to do aside from procrastinating. The same goes on a normal academic day, but right now, it’s… different.

It’s another judgement day for me, and I have to say we have a lot of those. Days where you just don’t know what’ll happen and you can’t help but just wish, want, pray and hope to get it over with. It gets tiring sometimes, and how I wish it would be really just over, but as what they say, “Another day, another dollar”, and another day, another fucked up coaster it would be.

I am not in the right position to swerve things according to my liking — okay, maybe I am, but it isn’t bad to wish and hope for it to be true sometimes, right? I, too, know that this one will be a day filled with turbulence and this would also be something that would have a huge turn in my life, but I’m hoping and praying that after all this, things would be okay.

Maybe in due time, it would.

I will just go back to the
same old song, to the same
old dance, to the same old
child who gets himself
lost amidst the crowd,
who smokes his way
to forget everything else,
who drinks with people
and feasts on flesh,
and I swear -
you would not be able
to hurt me anymore.

-1:41 a.m., Zakk Habitan

Dear friend,

Tonight was and is too much for me. Well, okay, maybe not that much, but I guess you get the point. It’ll be a long time again before I get back on track and I know this will be very hard for me. For some reason, I’m getting the feeling that this is something that I should take as an opportunity to find myself and be a better me. Nevertheless, I know, that after all this, I know that I’ll be okay despite all the things that I will be facing for tomorrow.

In honesty, I don’t know what to do and I’m scared on what’s about to happen, but I know that soon enough I’ll be okay with God’s help. In this trying times, I lift it all up to Him and only Him.

Cliche as it may seem, but yes, everything happens for a reason.

Talk to you soon.

Love always,

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