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And on my mom’s birthday, I got hired. Yay! Double celebration! :)

In other news, Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!!

23 April 2014
"I was yours even before I met you."
Yours (#22: April 23, 2014)
"Always" by Switchfoot

I am always yours.

22 April 2014

#Project Story: the (only and) final page

It all started with August – August thirteenth, where it began with an I and ended with a smile (from you). Never did I expect that out of the seven billion population of the world, you and I would meet, but in the most unfortunate of ways.

In that unfortunate way brought smiles and laughter, stories and jokes, songs and lyrics, hopes and dreams. Somewhere in between those things, you and I (or maybe just I) fell in love. I was happy, and I guess so were you, but I guess some things are just bound to end like you and I.

And now this is project story, the story I promised you, promised us, a promise for me, that I will finish. It took me almost a year (on and off), and no, this isn’t in the original format and in the way that I planned it to be. This is project story – the tale of two people who were bound to meet, but not to be together; to fall in love, but not to the end; to be friends, but be strangers after. This is project story – the story where I fell in love, and fall hard I did, but in the end, I chose to stand up and not let the past chain me.

This is project story – the (unwritten) story of Catherine of Vladimir Wolfredo, where there are no illustrations needed, but only breaths from the past and the present and the future that holds mystery – the story where only they know the details.

This is project story – the story that was and is long done. The (unwritten) story of how she fell in love with a Wolf.

20 April 2014

The gifts that B and I exchanged today. Since I just got back from Tacloban, and I’ve been talking about The Phantom of the Opera non-stop, he got me the book. T’was originally written by Gaston Leroux, which was first written in French and was then translated to English. For B, I got him this Astronaut tumbler. He once told me that as a child, he never dreamt of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or some shit like that. Instead, he wanted to be an astronaut, and when I saw this, he was the first thing that popped in my head and knew that it was perfect. It has a straw, just not included in the picture.

But in other news, damn it sure is nice to be back in the city.

Manila to Tacloban; Tacloban to Manila for my grandmother’s second death anniversary.

saan ilalagay ate yung +8:00?

No, you’ll go to the settings of Tumblr mismo, not your blog, tapos nasa dulo siya. ‘Yung Timezone, then change it to +8:00.

Hello. Pano niyo po naayos yung date sa theme? Iba po kasing date ang nalabas pag nagpopost ako. Thank you po. :)

Go to settings and change the timezone. We’re on +8:00.

10 April 2014
9 April 2014

It’s stupid when you think about internet fights because come to think of it, they’re just a bunch of kids typing on their keyboards.

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